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Understanding Green Clients

Recognizing Green Clients

Did you know that 1.6 million Canadians donated to environmental organizations in 2007 (7% of total donors) and that they gave about 2% of all charitable giving ($200 million)? Or that these Canadians are affiliated with one or more of Canada's 4000+ organizations, of which 1800+ are registered charities?

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David Denning

Who are these donors?

We know from polls and surveys that donors to environmental causes are typically:

  • over age 50
  • free of home and cottage mortgages
  • empty nesters, their children have left home
  • university educated
  • in the $70k + income bracket
  • thinking of their legacy

We also know from observation that these Canadians are passionate about the environment in which they live and they want to do something about the problems we face. In short, they care and they are looking for ways to make a difference with their charitable donations! 

Greening your company

Over the next year, Give Green Canada will be encouraging Canada's environmental organizations to talk with their members and donors about how they can create legacy gifts that will have an impact and create solutions.

Are you ready? This growing green clientele will be asking for help with planned giving instruments and they also will be looking to you and your company to see if your values are aligned with theirs. Please contact us to ask about how your company can adopt green practices and attract green clients.

For information about talking with your clients about charitable giving in general, please see the Community Foundations of Canada e-resource for advisors.

Join the Canadian Association of Gift Planners

One of our affiliates, the Canadian Association of Gift Planners(CAGP), hosts a directory of their members on the Leave A Legacy website. We are featuring their searchable list in the Donor's Section to help donors find the advisors they need to create their gifts. Please join CAGP so that donors and environmental organizations can find you.

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Jonathan Grant