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Jump Start Your Gift Planning Program Today - An E-Learning Course

Enroll now to learn about building relationships with your members and donors that result in major gifts. Discover how to ask for, receive and process major gifts. Looking for answers to questions that have just come up? Go to a specific unit on a need to know basis. See how you will benefit from each section of the course by checking out the Units in the drop-down menu to your left, and then sign on to start learning. 

Do the full 12 unit course and receive a Certificate of Completion (that may be eligible for professional continuing education credits) or simply use the section that you need right now for the work at hand.

For a limited time only, our generous sponsors have provided support that completely underwrites your participation.

Please email Natasha van Bentum to enroll in "Jump Start Your Gift Planning Today" or to access specific units!

Course Description

This is an introductory course to Gift Planning for conservation and environmental organizations across Canada.  Individuals can take the full course or just individual Units (see Unit descriptions below).  Course participants complete the course at their own pace and at a time convenient to them.
By the end of this course, participants will be able to create an introductory Gift Planning program for their organization and understand the tools and resources required to sustain the program for years to come.

The course delivery method is online distance learning.
These communication tools will be used in this course: the course’s Community Forum, Facebook and Twitter.
The only technology/equipment required to take the course is an Internet connection with Flash.
Assessment and Evaluation: There are no formal assignments or homework. Course participants take quizzes in each Unit.

Unit Titles:

Unit 1 ~ Course Introduction (Home Page)
Unit 2 ~ Getting Started
Unit 3 ~ Tracking Progress
Unit 4 ~ Getting Basic Systems in Place
Unit 5 ~ Building Donor Relationships
Unit 6 ~ The Gifts: Bequests
Unit 7 ~ The Gifts: Life Insurance
Unit 8 ~ The Gifts: Ecological Gifts Program
Unit 9 ~ The Gifts: Land & Real Estate
Unit 10 ~ The Gifts: Securities
Unit 11 ~ Other Gifts
Unit 12 ~ Resources

Moderator Information

Name:  Natasha van Bentum, CFRE
Telephone:  (250) 477 3474 (Pacific Time)
Unit 1 – Introducing the Course (Home Page)

Unit 1 - Course Introduction

The introduction outlines the course units and describes why your organization should start a gift planning program in the present economic climate.  You will learn how to

  • navigate the course,
  • get involved with our social networking opportunities and
  • share experiences with other course participants.