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Gifts of Cash

  • Debbie Kelsall
    Gifts of Cash

    Outright gifts of cash are welcomed by all organizations. These are the simplest and most common form of gift, and are greatly appreciated. You will see your gift put to work immediately! Another option is to make a monthly donation through your bank or credit card. This form of gift provides much-needed ongoing income flow.

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    Benefits to you, the donor:

    • You will receive a donation receipt for the full amount given, and if the organization is a registered charity you may claim the charitable donation tax credit.
    • You will receive the satisfaction of seeing the gift put to work immediately.

    Who can give?

    Everyone (any age) who can afford to give up some principal and the interest it earns.

    How can I give?

    Deliver or mail your cheque (or cash) to the organization. Some organizations may have policies that determine receipting and gift processes. (For example, an organization may require that gift over $1000 must be in the form of a cheque or money order.) 

    Important note

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    Planned gifts can provide beneficial results for a donor but, in order to ensure that all relevant issues have been considered and addressed and that all Income Tax Act, Canada provisions and regulations are met, prospective donors should seek qualified legal and accounting advice.

    Give Green Canada acknowledges and thanks Lorna Somers and Frank Minton for pre-approving the use of their book Planned Giving for Canadians as the basis for the information provided about different types of gifts.

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