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Wedding Gifts for a Wetland

On July 28, 2007, Kate Emmings was married to long-time partner Keith Erickson. The wedding was an all day affair, spanning two B.C. islands: Pender Island, the home of Kate’s parents, and Galiano Island at the home of the bride and groom. But this wedding was not just a regular nuptial – Kate and Keith decided to turn their special day into a fundraiser for the Great Beaver Swamp on Galiano Island.

“Our community and Galiano Island’s natural beauty have been a big part of our lives together,” says Kate Emmings. “We wanted to find a way for our wedding to reflect these connections.”

“While reading through Green Legacies: A Donor’s Guide for B.C., Kate stumbled upon a story about an island couple who asked that donations be made to the Nature Trust in their honour as a wedding gift,” says Keith Erickson, Conservation Coordinator with the Galiano Conservancy Association.

The couple asked guests to consider a donation to the Galiano Conservancy Association for the acquisition of the Great Beaver Swamp on Galiano Island as a wedding gift. Habitat Acquisition Trust (HAT) agreed to match donations with its acquisition Fund. The combined effort raised $10,000 towards the acquisition of the conservation property.

We thought that this could be our way of giving back to the community and the land where we live.
Keith Erickson