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Shares for Land Protection

Colin Rankin and Sue Pratt, together with their son, Mack, live in a community that includes farms and forests, oceans and artists, clams and kids. Many of the changes they have witnessed over the past decade have eroded the environmental and social fabric of this diverse community. Colin and Sue were feeling limited in the extent to which they could influence the nature of land development and the values of their community until they learned that they could donate company shares in return for tax benefits.

Their donation of corporate shares to The Land Conservancy of British Columbia, a land trust organization with values that they share, will translate into a safer community and healthier environment for Mack to grow up in.

We have been able to leverage our money and our ideas beyond anything that we could have accomplished on our own. The charitable donation opportunity that accompanies donations of shares enables us to direct money that we might otherwise have been paying to income or capital gains taxes in a way that reflects our values and priorities.
Sue Pratt and Colin Rankin

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