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Gift Planning and Fundraising

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Jonathan Grant

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Jonathan Grant

Ecological Land and Conservation Covenant Donations

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Ecological Gifts Program. Engaging an Appraiser to Appraise an Ecological Gift. Environment Canada.

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Stewardship Canada. The Leading Edge: Proceedings. Online online. 

Donor Directories

The Canadian Book of Charities: The Guide to Intelligent Giving. (Published annually) Woodbridge, ON: Mavora Publications Inc. Tel: (905) 851-0555. 

The Canadian Donor's Guide to Fundraising Organizations in Canada. (Published annually) Toronto, ON: Third Sector Publishing. Tel. (416) 961-6776.

Canada Revenue Agency (Charities Division)

Toll Free: 1 (800) 267-2384.

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The Revenue Canada Charities Division website offers donors and charities a wealth of information including:



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