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How to give?

It's easy!

Once you have decided that you would like to make a gift, the next step is to match your life circumstances with the gift options described in the Gift Options box. Then you will need to identify the organization(s) you want to make your gift to by going to the Organizations section.

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Use the resources in this website to learn more about giving options and please consult with your professional advisors about how best to create your gift and maximize your taxation benefits.

Please contact the recipient organization so that you can talk with them about their gift acceptance policies and how your gift matches your desires with their mandate. They will also ask you how you would like to be acknowledged for your gift. You can ask for anonymity or discuss recognition in keeping with the organization's and your wishes.

If the organization is a registered charity, you will receive a charitable taxation credit (a receipt) that can be used on your income tax return. Companies may receive a tax credit. You can check the charitable status of any organization by going to Canada Revenue Agency's list of authorized charities.

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Find a Professional Advisor

Many of the planned gifts discussed on this website are complex and you are urged to seek the taxation and legal advice of your professional advisor, such as your lawyer, accountant, financial planner or notary public. For some types of gifts you will need additional expertise from experts like surveyors and appraisers.

The Canadian Association of Gift Planners offers a directory of its membership through the national Leave a Legacy program.  These gift planning professional advisors will be pleased to help you plan your gift. Search by area of expertise and location.


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