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An Oceanside Gem Protected

During a visit to his mother in 1951, Allan Brooks bought the land that is now known as Brooks Point on South Pender Island. While he and his wife Betty never lived on the property, they enjoyed many an outing to the point and took their children picnicking there from babyhood, as did many others. As naturalists they realized what a treasure it was. 

The “Friends of Brooks Point” was formed in the mid-1990s and everyone worked extremely hard fund-raising to purchase the Point, especially when Allan donated one of the three lots. In 1999, he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Betty attended meetings with the Capital Regional District that fall and urged them to make haste as she wanted Allan to live to see the completion of his dream. Thanks to a “guardian angel” who made a large donation, the deal was completed by mid-January 2000.

I was very thankful Allan was still alive when the land was protected, as he died soon after on February 3rd, 2000. We felt very grateful (especially to all who worked so hard) that this special place was saved in perpetuity.

Betty Brooks

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